Want to become a videogame UI Artist and have no idea how to practice your craft? Try these 9 easy ideas.

I’ve been Mentoring video game UI UX Design for years and the most common anxiety is, “I don’t know how to get started.” — a perfectly reasonable question for an imperfectly opaque Industry. But what do you do after you “get started”? What should you read, design, study to continue…

A video game interface has an immediate and lasting impact on gameplay, production, and the bottom-line. So… where are all the guides and best-practices for the most important Art in the entire game? Shouldn’t there be a primer somewhere? Some kind of shorthand?

Mistake #1 — You’re putting way too much information on the screen

If you are adding more confusion than…

The Interview ends and you end the Zoom call. The sensation of centipedes crawling all over your career seizes you, and you shudder as you wrap your arms around yourself. Something definitely wasn’t right with that Company.

The Interview ends and you end the Zoom call. A tide of relief…

From an Art Director.

As an Art Director and Mentor, I’ve seen probably a hundred Portfolios from Designers I’ve had to either veto or build up. I honestly think what spooks students and junior designers the most about Portfolio design is they’ll just… never know. …

John “TheWingless” Burnett

Award-winning UI UX Designer, Art Director and 1-on-1 UI Artist Career Coach| www.thewingless.com

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